Schedule II environment auditor recognized by GUJARAT POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD

Laboratory Services


Envitech has experienced in-house and empanelled subject specific professionals endowed with library and office infrastructure.

Envitech has in-house state of art Environmental Laboratory for Sampling / Testing / Analysis of Air, Water, Noise, Soil, Sludge, etc.

Our Key Analytical Instruments
  • Flame Photometer, Visible Spectrometer
  • High Volume Sampler, Respirable Dust Sampler, Fine Dust Sampler, Stack Monitoring Kit
  • Orsat, Portable Gas Sampler, Mechanical Cup Anemometer, Digital Anemometer, D.B. Meter, Lux meter
  • Weather station to monitor wind speed, wind direction, Temperature and Relative humidity

All equipments are networked for integrity of operations.

  • Drinking water, packaged water, waste water, industrial effluent analysis
  • Microbial analysis for potability
  • Ambient air quality monitoring
  • Stack / process emission monitoring
  • Efficiency Assessment for Air Pollution Control Equipments
  • Work place monitoring
  • Monitoring as per the requirement of OHSAS, ISO, Factory Act requirement
  • Soil & sludge analysis
  • MSW / Hazardous Waste Analysis
  • Treatability and Feasibility studies
  • Consultancy Services for Environmental Laboratory Set-up
  • In-plant training for educational institutes, environmental professionals and company executives
  • Development of Environmental Cell for Municipal Corporation