Schedule II environment auditor recognized by GUJARAT POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD

AMC – O & M

Annual Service/Planned Service

Many of our customers are on an annual planned maintenance service programme. This incorporates a yearly planned service in which, with years of experience we have identified necessary service points that must be tested to avoid major loss. Our main goal is to keep your business operating, your system on-line, your operating costs down, and provide exceptional comfort for your employees & customers.

We have the expertise and experience to ensure that projects are executed with the highest standards of efficiency, safety and quality. Our extensive technical know-how and project management skills help the client obtain their process goals, within the constraints of a shutdown. We can provide a streamlined solution to ensure minimal downtime.

Operator Training

The training curriculum progressively takes a student from basic control orientation to complex machine tasks by using a series of instruction modules. Experienced operators can benefit from simulator training to extend and refine their skills. Solutions begin with proper project planning to meet those objectives. We stage the system to check the logic and to provide operator and maintenance training.


Upgrading & Modernisation of Plant

If you are planning to upgrade or modernise your process plant, we offer cost-effective upgrade / refurbishment solutions, which can be implemented with minimum impact on your operation. We will help you improve your performance by retrofitting your existing equipment. You can expect from retrofits and/or upgrades to provide you with even greater reliability.