Schedule II environment auditor recognized by GUJARAT POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD

Consultancy Service

Industries/Establishments in a state are by law required to take various consents during both the initiation as well as during the operation phases.

Obtaining an environmental permit is often a critical element for the success of a project. Envitech believes that the way we help clients obtain their permits is what sets us apart from other firms. Our staff combines in-depth local resource knowledge with positive agency relationships and a thorough understanding of the intricacies of ordinances at all levels of government to facilitate timely permit approvals and clearances as well as eliminate surprises and delays. We objectively evaluate project options and identify short- and long-term strategies to meet your goals by determining what environmental permitting requirements are applicable to the project, then adapting our permitting efforts to your particular economic, ecological, regulatory, and resource conditions.

 We assist organizations in obtaining/ renewing as well as preparing compliances for submission to the State Pollution Control Boards for the following-

  • Consent for Establish (CTE),

  • Water Cess Return

  • Consent for Operation (CTO)

  • Solid Waste, Hazardous Waste, Biomedical waste, e-waste authorizations

  • Environmental Statement Form V – Submission

  • Hazardous waste Annual submission

  • Monthly patarak